The Navarra Pyrenees mountains- a proud and privileged, rural paradise.

The noble province of Navarra, (or Navarre, as it’s known in English), stands out for it’s grand history, folkloric festivals, world renowned gastronomy, genuine people, top-notch rural tourism and lush green landscapes.

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In the legendary land of Navarre you'll find picturesque palaces, ancient family farm houses, and peaceful, medieval villages- hidden in heavenly valleys and nestled between gentle rolling hills, flower filled meadows, majestic mountain peaks and fantastic dark forests.

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Aside from it's spectacular scenery, this Autonomous community is also admired for the careful conservation of it's rich culture, it's high standard of hospitality, internationally recognized cuisine, excellent infrastructure, and authentic character of it's people. It is for these reasons, and many more that Navarre is continually rated as having one of the highest qualities of life in Spain.

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This proud province borders France to the north, the Aragonese provinces of Huesca and Zaragoza to the east, La Rioja to the south, and the Basque country to the west.

Pamploma is the capital of Navarre, and the nearby Pyrenees mountains in the north can easily be reached by car in just about 40 minutes. And, thanks to the shorter distances and excellent highways, it's not difficult to get from place to place.

In general, the Navarra Pyrenees are organized into 7 valleys, which are either on the Atlanic/western side or the eastern side. They are known as "Los Pirineos Atlanticos" or "Occidental" - the western Pyrenees and "Los Pirineos Orientales" -the eastern Pyrenees.

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Valleys of the Navarra Pyrenees:

  • Baztan Valley

  • Aezkoa Valley

  • Salazar Valley

  • Roncal Valley

  • Sierra of Urbasa

  • Sierra of Aralar

  • Bidasoa valley and surrounding area


Parks and Natural Highlights

Damp, shady forests, high mountain peaks, bright alpine prairies, and deep, vibrant valleys...

Navarra's extraordinary quantity of natural green areas is considered to be one of the most concentrated in Europe.

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Sports Highlights

Expansive forests, high peaks, deep valleys, rocky ravines, rushing rivers and plenty of snow in winter, make the mountains of Navarra a perfect place to practice all kinds of outdoor and adventure sports.

Have a look at this list of sport highlights to find your favourite activity.

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Cultural Highlights

The villages and landscapes of the North of Navarra are rich with remnants of a long and varied past.

From routes of prehistoric cromlechs and dolmens, to Romanesque churches, medieval monuments, and ancient folkloric festivals, signs of this province's proud past are all over.


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Age-old customs and culture are highly valued by people of the Navarre Pyrenees. These treasured traditions are also cultivated, and maintained as much as possible in daily life here. As well as being celebrated weekly, monthly and annually at colourful markets, fairs and festivals.

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Abundant fertile fields, wide green pastures, crystal clear rivers and dark, damp forests give this area an amazing array of fresh fruits and vegetables, wild mushrooms, truffles, dairy products, livestock, game, salmon and trout.

The Navarra Pyrenees are also famous for for their excellent cheeses (Roncal and Idiazábal, especially), T-bone steaks- called "chuletons" , lamb- "cordero", foie- pate´, dairy based desserts, like "junket", pastries, and homemade chocolates.

Navarre's cuisine is wonderfully accompanied by one of its excellent red, rosé or white wines, many of which are distinguished by their 'Navarra' and 'Rioja' designations of origin.

To finish off an excellent meal, you may want to try one of the local liqueurs, such as the well-known “patxaran” - made from sloe berries, and said to be great for digestion.

On this page you'll find a list of typical foods and dishes to try, or buy, while you're in this beautiful area.

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Parks and Natural Highlights

Sports Highlights

Culture Highlights

Festival Highlights

Gastronomy Highlights

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