Navarra Sports Highlights

In Navarra sports of all kinds are practiced amongst the amazing, lush, green landscapes of the Pyrenees mountains.

Navarra pyrenees sports guide

This place is ideal for activities such as; walking and trekking, mountaineering and climbing, caving and canyonning, rafting and kayaking, plus fishing, bird watching, and even golf.

In the winter, Navarra still has lots of sports tourism. There are excellent locations for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and dog-sledding too.

Here's a list of Navarra Sports Highlights:

Walking and trekking in the Navarra Pyrenees Mountains

Green Routes of Navarra:

  • The Vía Verde (green route) del Plazaolas,

  • Bidasoa

  • Tarazonica

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Forests and Parks:

  • Irati
  • Bertiz
  • Orgi


Cultural Routes of Navarra:

  • Cañada Real (Royal Livestock Trail- historic shepherds trail)

  • Megalithic and Dolmen routes of Aralar

  • Camino de Santiago (St James Way)

  • Trek between the Caves of Zugarramurdi (Navarra), and Sara (in France)


  • Cycling along the 'Green Ways', Saint James Way, and through Orreaga/Roncesvalles.

    navarra cycling- pyrenees-mountains

    • Climbing at 'Mesa de los Reyes' , Mount Ori in Salazar Valley, or on limestone or granite of Lesaka, and rock walls of Uharte-Arakil, Dos Hermanas (Irurtzun), Kopa in Lesaka and Codés, or in the Aralar and Andia ranges.

    • Snow shoeing and cross-country skiing in Larra- Belagua, Aezkoa Valley, Roncal valley and the Abodi ski station.

    • Caving and Potholing in the limestone areas of: Aralar, Urbasa and, Larra (which has some of the largest chasms in Europe, such as the famous- St Martin's Chasm of Navarra.)

    • Canyonning and abseiling in the Ravines of Artazul in Urbasa-Andía Navarra Nature Park, Arandari - ravine of La Garona in Roncal Valley, Arrako and Jordán in the Belagua Valley.

    • Paragliding and Hang-gliding in the Navarra Pyrennes valley of Belagua, Aralar or Leire mountain range, and in Arangoiti, where many competitions are held.

    Navarra Pyrenees Sports

    • Canoeing, Kayaking and other water sports in Yesa Reservoir and the rivers of Urrobi, Irati, Areta, Salazar and Esca.

    • Bird watching in Las Cañas, the gorges of Arbayún and Lumbier, and the Pyrenees mountain passes of Ibañeta and Etxalar.

    • Salmon Fishing in the Bidasoa river (Regata del Bidasoa).

    • Golfing in Ultzama Golf Club, set in an ancient forest of Navarra. Also in the Zuasti Golf Club, which is in a Navarra nature centre as well, and the Gorraiz Golf Club.


    Arborism (Adventures in tree-tops)- Great for families!
    • Aurizko Diablozulo- In the beech wood of Osamieta.

    • Bertiz Adventure- in Narbarte- In the oak wood of Lakoizketa.

    • Beigorri- in Lekunberri, In the oak wood of Aritzalde.

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