Navarra Culture Highlights

In Navarra culture is central to the lives of its people. Traditional ways of life are highly respected, and not only just remembered, but, are in many ways, still carried out here today.

And, apart from visiting the many prehistoric monuments, medieval bridges, churches and museums, you can also witness fascinating folkloric festivals, browse charming food fairs and farmers markets.


The beautiful and ancient kingdom of the Navarra Pyrenees mountains is an authentic and abundant source for lovers of Cultural tourism.

Come see for yourself.

navarra pyrenees culture medieval church - elizondo

Here's a list of Navarra's Culture Highlights:

Collegiate Church of Roncesvalles

It is known as - Iglesia de Santa María (St. Mary's Church), and is in Orreaga/Roncesvalles (on the Navarra Camino de Santiago).

This is usually the point chosen by the majority of people to start the Camino de Santiago(Pilgrim's Way) in Spain.

San Miguel en Excelsis (Church of St. Michael in Excelsis)

This church has an amazing Romanesque altarpiece.

It is located high up on the Sierra of Aralar of Navarra, on the peak of Mount Artxueta, and has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest of Navarra, and a "masterpiece of European enamel work."

Dolmens of Aralar

This collection of megalithic constructions is considered to be one of the most interesting on the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the best in the Navarra Pyrenees.

The 44 dolmens and one menhir are spread across woods, hills, and green pastures used by local shepherds for grazing.

There are different signposted routes of varying lengths and levels. Two of them leave from the campsite at Etxarri-Aranatz, a town in north-west Navarre at the foot of the Sierra de Aralar in the Sakana valley. And others from Lekunberri by the Sanctuary of San Miguel.

Cromlech route of Goizueta- Larraun Valley

There are 90 megalithic monuments in this collection, located in the mountains of the little town of Goizueta.

Most of them are in good condition and are from the Bronze and Iron age, with some of them dating back 5,000 years.

Church of San Martín

This a 12th century Romanesque church in the village of Artáiz, of the Unciti valley, in the Navarra Pyrenees.

It's thought to be one of the most beautiful examples of rural Romanesque architecture in Navarra.

The 12th century Romanesque chapel is in the village of Ochagavía, in the northern part of the Salazar Pyrenees valleys.

It is situated at an altitude of over 1000 metres, and hence, has a great view over the peaks of the Pyrenees mountains.

Tower of Donamaría- (also known as the "Casa de Tablas")

This interesting 15th century wood and stone Gothic building is located in the Baztan Valley, 5 miles from the Bertiz Natural Park of Navarra.

Hórreos (raised stone grain storages)

These ancient stone graineries were built before the Middle Ages, and used to keep grains dry and away from rodents.

They have been declared as 'Sites of Cultural Interest of Navarra.'

15 of the 22 hórreos in the Navarra Pyrenees mountians are located in the Valley of Aezkoa. They are concentrated mostly around Aria, Orbaitzeta and Hiriberri-Villanueva.

Orbaizeta- Fábrica de armas (abandoned Arms factory from the 18th century)

This interesting old factory of Navarra is located in Orbaitzeta- five miles from the French border in Irati Forest, of the Aezkoa Valley.

The Factory was actually turned into a kind of village/compound for the workers and their families, in the heart of the Irati beech forest.

There was a church and a small palace in the center.

It has also been declared a site of cultural interest by the government of Navarra, and is meant to be rehabilitated at some point in the future.

Palacio de Jauregizar -(also known as palacio de Dorrea)

This 15th century palace-tower is situated in Irurita, Arraioz, of the Baztan Valley.

It's made of stone with a wooden platform on top, and is one of the oldest palaces in Navarra, and the Pyrenees mountains.

Navarra pyrenees palacio de Jauregizar

Church-fortress of San Cipriano and Noble houses of Isaba

The charming town of Isaba is in the north of the Navarra Pyrenees valley of Roncal, at the foot of the Belagua valley.

Cobble streets line the old town and lead to big, beautiful Pyrenees mountain houses, made of sturdy stone and wood, with A-frame gabled roofs that let snow slide off them in winter.

In the center of town, you'll find the church-fortress of San Cipriano. It dates back to the 16th century.

Santa Fe de Epároz

Located in the pre-Pyrenees mountains of Navarra, in the Valley of Urraul Alto is the architectural complex of Santa Fe de Epároz.

It includes a basilica, a cloister, a courtyard, and some other buildings along with an "hórreo" (a raised grain storage house).

It has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest by the Government of Navarra.

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