Catalonia Pyrenees - unbelievable scenery, unique culture, and unbeatable mountain sports

The autonomous Community of Catalonia (Cataluña in Spanish), located in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula, is known for its diverse landscape ,sophistication, unique language, renowned cuisine and cultural trend-setting.

Catalonia pyrenees mountains Val d' aran

It borders France and Andorra to the north, Aragon to the west, Valencia to the south and the Mediterranean sea to the east.

The official languages of the Catalonia Pyrenees are; Catalan, Castilian (Spanish), and Aranes (spoken in the area of Val d'Aran).

Barcelona is the hub, and truly cosmopolitan capital city of this proud and particular Autonomous Community.

Catalonia is divided into the four provinces of; Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. Within these provinces, there are forty-one comarques(counties or districts).

Throughout these Catalonia Pyrenees counties you will find; the highest rated ski resorts in the Pyrenees, the best rafting in Europe, a unique, rich, artistic, religious, and architectural heritage, distinct and striking mountain scenery, and distinguished culinary traditions.

catalonia pyrenees cerdanya church

Parks and Natural Highlights

In Catalonia, nature-lovers will discover not only a pleasant, temperate Mediterranean climate, but also a wealth of culturally rich and diverse landscapes, unique to this amazing area of the Pyrenees mountains.

The spectacular Parks and protected natural spaces of the Catalonia Pyrenees are known for their pristine forests, high peaks and heavenly meadows, rushing rivers, winding streams and thundering waterfalls.

Within their boundaries you'll find plenty of rare, flora and fauna, large networks of well-marked trails for walking or biking, free mountain refuges for accommodation, as well as UNESCO World Heritage Romanesque architecture and archaeological remains.

Click here for a list of Catalonia's Parks and Natural Highlights.

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Catalonia Pyrenees - Sports Highlights

All kinds of sports in the Catalonia Pyrenees can be enjoyed throughout the year. What's more, this province boasts the highest rated skiing, and most resorts in all the Pyrenees mountains.

catalonia pyrenees skiing formigal

The vast and varied landscape of the Catalonia Pyrenees provides the perfect setting for all kinds of mountain adventure.

This amazing area has the most ski resorts in Spain, lots of well-marked walking routes, special networks of trails for cycling and mountain biking, renowned river rafting and water sports, choice climbing and caving, plus famous sites for mountain flying, birding and golf.

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Catalonia Pyrenees- Culture Highlights

Having long been the hub of the latest in culture; the region of Catalonia is rife with all kinds of artistic achievements.

Everything from Gothic, Romanesque, and Modernist architecture to medieval murals, castles and museums.

Not to mention, works of art by greats; Picasso, Dalí, Miro and Gaudí.

catalnonia culture  monastery of Ripoll

Click here for Highlights of Catalonia Romanesque: Church and Monasteries Guide.

Click here for Catalonia Cultural Routes and Sites Guide.


Catalonia Pyrenees Festivals

Festivals in the Pyrenees of Catalonia are famous for their medieval music, traditional dance, crazy caricature costumes, and truly spectacular displays of pagan fire rituals, and daring pyrotechnics.

Catalonia's calendar is full of all kinds of fairs, markets, concerts and festivities.

One of the best is the Patum of Berga, an ancient and awesome festival of fire and dance, which has been granted World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

Click here for a list of Catalonia's Pyrenees Festival Highlights.


Catalonia Gastronomy

Catalan cooks and chefs continually receive international critical acclaim for their excellent cuisine.

In fact, two of the five best restaurants in the world are in Catalonia.

Gastronomy of Catalonia is distinguished by its special character, and ingenious combinations of traditional recipes with more modern ones.

On the Costa Brava, and along the Mediterranean, fish, seafood and rice are the stars. While, in the high mountains and lush valleys of the Catalonia Pyrenees, more common are the hearty and meaty dishes.

This area of the Pyrenees is famous for its red meat; 'Vedella dels Pirineus Catalans', mountain sausages; called fuet, llonganisa, or butifarra, and mixed stews called 'Escudella.'

You'll also find excellent cheeses, white wines, Champagne (called Cava in Catalonia), and a wide variety of wild mushrooms in Autumn.

Click here for a list of Gastronomy Highlights for the Catalan Pyrenees.

Health and Beauty Spas in Catalonia

  • Vichy Catalan Spa- Caldes de Malavella
    Located in a village situated between the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean sea.

  • Balneari Prats Spa- 15 minutes drive from Girona. Also based in Caldes de Malavella.

  • Torremirona Spa Golf & Spa resort with a Fitness and health centre too. Navata, Figueres, Girona.

  • Banhs de Tred- (Val d'Aran)

  • Ca l'Aurèn-(La Cerdanya) Hotel, and Aparthotel with Spa and Sauna.

  • Eth Refugi d'Aran- Vielha (Val d'Aran)

  • Peralada Spa- Alt Empordà (Girona) Wine Spa -therapy using extracts from wine.

  • Vielha Parador Spa- Aran Valley

  • Val d'Aran Spa and Hotel- Located in the center of Vielha.

  • Balneario Termas Orion Spa- In the town of Santa Coloma de Farners, (about 20 km South of Girona)

  • Caldes de Boi Spa -(Balneari Caldes de Boí)- Lleida Area, in the Valley of Boi (Alta Ribagorza)

  • Vilagaros Spa- located in the Aran Valley, in the village of Garos.

  • Boí Taüll Resort Spa Augustus Spa Augusta- Taüll (L'Alta Ribagorça)

  • Termas Baronia de Les- (La Val d'Aran)

Catalonia Pyrenees County Guide:

Alt Bergueda

Alt Urgell

Pallars Sobira

Pallars Jussa

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