The Aragon Pyrenees are located in the northeast of Spain, and are known for their marvelous mix of stunning natural beauty, unique regional tradition and rich cultural heritage.

This province is bordered by France to the north, Valencia to the south, and to the west by Castile la Mancha, Castile Leon, La Rioja and Navarra.

And, thanks to its huge size and low population density (the second lowest in Spain), this region benefits from an immense, wild, diverse and untouched landscape.

While the south of the province is distinguished by its deserts and dry plains, the north enjoys lush pastures, soaring glacial valleys, dense green forests and magnificent snow-capped mountains.

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Aragon is home to the highest peak in all the Pyrenees range - Aneto. As well as some of the most important National Parks and Protected Natural spaces. Actually, this place is known as one of the best in Europe to practice all kinds of adventure sports.

Some of the favourites here include; cycling, mountain biking, walking and trekking, canyoning, climbing, spelunking, white-water rafting, mountain flying and para-gliding.

But, if cultural tourism is more your thing, not to worry. This province has a long and fascinating legacy; the evidence of which, is all over.

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You can visit everything from prehistoric cave paintings, and megalithic dolmens to Romanesque churches and medieval stone villages, bridges, castles, monasteries, and so much more.

Within the Aragonese Pyrenees there are 4 counties (comarcas- in Spanish).

The 4 Counties are:

  • Alto Gallego
  • Jacetania

  • Ribagorza

  • Sobrarbe


    Parks and Natural Highlights

    In this province, parks and natural spaces abound.

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    This immense area of the Pyrenees mountains has some of the most important National Parks and Protected Natural spaces of the range.

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    Sports Highlights

    This area of the Pyrenees is a top destination for lovers of outdoor adventure, and every kind of mountain sport you can imagine.

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    All types of sports are practiced througout the province, and all through the year.

    You'll find everything from pleasant routes through the many meadows and forests, to tough mountain treks on the highest Pyrenees peaks; plus renowned rafting, alpine skiing, paragliding and climbing.

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    Cultural Highlights

    The old kingdom of Aragon has Fairy tale towns; still standing from the middle ages, solemn medieval monasteries and castles, Mozarabic and Romanesque churches, plus megalithic monuments left by prehistoric people.

    These are just a few of the cultural jewels that dot the legendary land of these ancient Pyrenees mountains.

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    Festival Highlights

    Aragonese people pride themselves on their popular folklore, colourful festivals and time-honoured traditions.

    The legend, myth and magic of these old ways and ancestral celebrations has been lovingly preserved, and passed down for centuries.

    Witnessing one of these festivals firsthand is the best way to really experience the rich culture of the proud people from this area of the Pyrenees mountains.

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    Gastronomy Highlights

    The vast and varied landscape of the pristine Aragon Pyrenees mountains makes for a gastronomy of hearty mountain fare, made with excellent local products and fresh organic ingredients.

    Some of Spain's highest quality agricutltural products, meats, cheeses and wines come from this enormous and untouched natural area.

    This region has a long list of delicious local specialties, and plenty of reasonably priced restaurants where you can try them.

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    Parks and Natural Highlights

    Sports Highlights

    Culture Highlights

    Festival Highlights

    Gastronomy Highlights

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