Aragon Gastronomy Highlights

The autonomous Spanish community of Aragon is characterized by its collection of contrasting landscapes, time-honoured traditions, and mixture of cultures.

The result is a gastronomy that boasts a wide range of fresh and interesting local products, used to make both typical, regional recipes and more modern ones too.

Aragon's prolific Pyrenees pastures, dense woodlands, fertile lower valleys and warm dry climate create the perfect environment to produce some of Spain's highest quality meats, agricultural products, cheeses and wines.

It is the inland autonomous community with the most kilometres of river; making agriculture, and the production of vegetables and fruit, one of it's most important economic forces.

As a result, on offer is a long and exceptional list of legumes (pulses), and cereals like: lentils, chickpeas, beans, and rices.

Aragon also has an abundance of vegetables such as: wild mushrooms, asparagus, sweet onions, cardoons (from the artichoke family), swiss chard and Borrage; which is a wild plant and tasty vegetable, unique to this area.

aragon  gastronomy wild mushrooms

Local specialities of Aragon's Gastronomy


A traditional shepherds dish made with lightly pan-fried bread crumbs, onion, garlic and chorizo (red pork sausage), and sometimes served with grapes, and/or fried eggs.

Cordero Asado, or Ternasco

Roast, milk fed lamb, often served with potatoes and sometimes with "ajolio” sauce (garlic, olive oil and parsley). This dish is one of the best of all Aragon gastronomy.

Estofado de Cordero- Lamb stew (famous in the Valley of Hecho)

Costillas de Cordero a la brasa - Lamb ribs cooked over coals.

Pollo al chilindron - Chicken stewed in a tomato, pepper, and onion sauce.

Huevos al salmorrejo - Fried eggs served on top of a sauce with pork sausage and ham.

Embutidos - Cured meats: lonaganiza (pork sausage), chorizo (spicy cured sausage),morcillas (blood sausage), Jamón de Teruel (cured ham).

Carne de Caza - Game: boar and deer.

Jabalí de caza - Wild Boar cooked in sherry and served with potatoes.

Ajoarriero - Cod with eggs, garlic and potato.

Pescado - Fish: Rainbow Trout (Trucha) and Salmon, cod, fresh water eel, unger eel, and clams.

Caracoles - Snails. These are a favorite in Aragon, and all over the Pyrenees mountains.

Desserts and Sweets of Aragon

Las Sopetas - or 'Drunk Peaches' - Peaches soaked in red wine. Famous in the village of El Pueyo de Jaca, in the Tena Valley. Here it's served as a drink.

Crespinños/Crespillos - This dessert is made by frying 'borraja', a green vegetable that's typical in Aragon. It's often served with honey or sugar as a topping.

Guirlaclies - Nougat made with almonds, honey and sugar.

Frutas de Aragon - Turkish delight style, glacé fruits, covered in chocolate

Condes and jaquesas - Sweets typical from Jaca.

Leche frita - A type of dense custard, the literal translation would be fried milk.

Drinks of Aragon

Pacharán - (sloe gin) A typical drink; which originated in the Navarra Pyrenees and is made from sloe berries and anise.

Records show that during the middle ages, in Aragon, and the Pyrenees, they drank liquor made from sloe berries for its medicinal properties.

Wines from Aragon: