Andorra Gastronomy - Highlights

In Andorra gastronomy was traditionally centered around hearty, Pyrenees mountain fare, but these days things have changed and you can now find food with all kinds of international influences.

French and Spanish style cuisine have always had a presence in Andorra's gastronomy, especially from France in the north, and Catalan Spain in the south.

More recently, Italian food has become quite popular too.And now in Andorra, gastronomy from all over the world can be found in an excellent range of restaurants.

There are places with Spanish Tapas, French nouvelle cuisine, Italian, Mexican, Asian style, Japanese sushi, and of course, fast food too.

However, the best way to try authentic Andorran gastronomy, is to go to one of the stone built, often family run 'bordas' (bordes in Catalan).


Here's a list of highlights and recommendations about Andorra's amazing food.

Typical Dishes of Andorra:

  • Las carnes a la piedra – Meats cooked on hot stones or over coals

  • Trucha - Trout

  • Tablas de embutidos – An assortment of cured meats (served cold), like chorizo, dry-cured pork sausages: salchichon, donja, bringuera, bull, llonganissa and botifarres, both black and white that come served on a wooden board.

  • Trintxat - Traditional Catalan dish made from cabbage, potatoes, garlic and bacon.

  • Arroz con setas - Rice with mushrooms

  • Barrejada, or Escudella - Peasants’ stew, made with different meats, sausages, chickpeas, vegetables and pasta.

  • Civet de porc fer – Wild boar stew

  • Cunillo – Rabbit stewed in tomato sauce.

  • Xai – Roast lamb

  • Truites de carreroles – Mushroom omelette

  • Tupi – Cheese fermented in an earthenware pot with garlic and brandy.

  • Calçots - Big spring onions that are cooked on an open wood fire and served with a kind of romesco sauce.