Your guide to discovering one of Europe's best secrets - the Pyrenees Mountains

Come experience one of Europe's most unexplored, unspoilt and unbelievable regions- the Pyrenees Mountains.

Although being blessed with immense, unbelievable wild beauty, countless fascinating cultures, top-notch gastronomy, and unlimited sporting opportunities, the Pyrenees remain off the typical, well-beaten European tourist track.

And, as we know first-hand, it's not always easy to find good information about this place, (and even harder in English). We love the Pyrenees, and therefore felt inspired to share our passion, and use our personal experience to make it easier for others to enjoy this amazing area.

Rural Pyrenees Guide is your all-in-one source for up-to-date, relevant and interesting information about this stunning and serene mountainous region.

The Pyrenees range extends from the Atlantic all the way across to the Mediterranean coast. They are usually divided into three parts: the Central, the Atlantic (or Western), and the Eastern.

The range crosses hundreds of picturesque valleys, thousands of post card perfect villages, and spans the three countries of Spain, France and Andorra.

Reasons to visit this area of Europe are truly endless.

But, here are a few of the highlights...

Pyrenees Mountains - Culture

This is a land of rich history and fascinating regional diversity. Giving, as a result, a unique charm, culture, cuisine, landscape and even language to almost every valley here.

Signs of this colourful background can be seen all over. Pre-historic cave paintings, Paleolithic stone circles, and Dolmens mix with formidable forts, medieval monasteries, majestic castles, grand palaces, ancient ruins and Romanesque churches

Not to mention UNESCO World Heritage architecture amazing museum, folkloric festivals, antique markets, and more.

Cultural tourism truly is at its best in the Pyrenees mountains.

Pyrenees Mountains - Sport

Adventure sports and outdoor activities, for every season, are unsurpassed in the Pyrenees mountains. In fact, this region provides locations which are said to be some of the best for mountain and water sport in Europe. Tour de France ring a bell?

Every kind of sport can be enjoyed here. Everything from walks and treks of all lengths and for any levels, to cycling, climbing, canyoning, kayaking, rafting, golf and birding, just to name a few.

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most popular sports enjoyed here. And with top-notch resorts that rival those of the Alps, lots of powder snow, far less people, and more than often at half the price, it's easy to see why!

Click on our winter sports - skiing and snowboarding section to find out about all the best places with great deals.

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The Pyrenees mountains are full of great accommodations options for every type of traveler or tourist alike.

In this section you'll find out about camping, RVing, Pyrenees mountain refuges, rural houses, B&Bs, self catering holiday villas, or holiday apartment rentals, French gites, Hotels, chateauxs, resorts, Spanish Paradors, Pyrenees real estate, or even luxurious castles to rent.

Gastronomy and Restaurants

One of the best parts of being on vacation is having the chance to eat out at different restaurants and sample the local food. You can be sure that the gastronomy here will not leave you disappointed.

Take your pick from an endless list of great Pyrenees restaurants that use only the most natural, and local ingredients to carefully craft unforgettable meals. Accompanied, of course, by delicious regional wines

Don't miss the chance to visit the village street markets either. Usually held on Saturdays in the main square, which fills up early of local vendors who pack their stands, with irresistible wares. Everything can be found here; from organic fruit and vegetables, artisan cheeses, patés, sausages and meats, to baked goods, crepes, liqueurs and sweets.

Health and Beauty Spas

Abundant, natural, and healing mountain waters make for many wonderful spas in the Pyrenees. Used here for centuries, these therapeutic waters are perfect for resting weary muscles after long days of skiing, sports, or site-seeing.

Rich with an array of awe-inspiring beauty, outdoor activities, endless varieties of amazing art and architecture, legacy and legend, cultural diversity and gastronomy, tranquility and peace. This area is a true sanctuary and a perfect spot for a real holiday get-away.

Come and leave it all behind, take the road less travelled, relax and unwind.

Immerse yourself in rich, distinct and magical mountain cultures. Enjoy endless, awe-inspiring natural beauty. Nourish your body and soul with rejuvenating outdoor sport, relaxing mountain spas and spectacular regional cuisine.
Come fall in love with the Pyrenees mountains.

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